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Alumni/Student Mentoring Program

A CST Alumni Mentor is a guide and resource, someone who shares his or her professional experience with a current CST student. A mentoring experience enhances a student's job prospects, and helps them land a more fulfilling and lucrative first job experience.

By participating, a CST student has access to a pool of experts - CST alumni - who can share what it takes to apply a science education in an industrial or business setting.

By participating, a CST alumni has the opportunity to directly impact a CST student's life.

For CST Students

  • Build a professional network
  • Enhance professional and communication skills
  • Connect academics and career; get advice on experiences and courses
  • Explore new ideas and areas of interest
  • Gain exposure to career options and job-search tips

For CST Alumni

  • Learn about current CST students and programs
  • Make an impact on a CST student's life
  • Help a CST student set goals and map out strategies

How It Works

The College of Science and Technology Alumni/Student Mentoring Program is structured around four meetings over the course of two semesters. Students and mentors will be matched by criteria that will be mutually beneficial to both participants.

  • First meeting: A face-to-face, introductory meeting between the student and the mentor. It will occur on campus over lunch.
  • Second meeting: An off campus meeting designed to enlighten the student as to the mentor's professional experience and career path.
  • Third Meeting: Will take place at the mentor's workplace or at a place relevant to the student's career interest. This could also include a professional conference.
  • Fourth Meeting: Held on campus with all mentors and students who have participated in the program to share their experience


Are you a student or a mentor?


For questions or for more information, please contact Victoria Vicente at 215-204-8281,