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Saturdays January 31, February 7, Feb. 14, Feb. 21
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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About the Day

Background: The Math Circle program focuses on enabling participants to build self-belief and mathematical confidence, on encouraging and nurturing excellence in mathematics and sciences, and on providing exposure to expert mathematical training and accomplished professionals who may serve as role models and mentors for the students. The goals of the Temple University Mathematics Circle are: 

  • to show the middle school students that the study of mathematics can be exciting, beautiful and useful;
  • to build confidence in students' mathematical knowledge through engaging and quality mathematical instruction;
  • to introduce the middle school students to a variety of career opportunities for which sophisticated mathematical ability plays a key role;
  • to emphasize the strategic role mathematics plays for success in STEM careers;
  • to provide the participants with a support group and competent mentors which are successful undergraduate, graduate students and professionals from the STEM workforce;
  • to ultimately shape the way students view themselves and their mathematical interest and ability.



Tentative Schedule 
Meeting Date Session I Title
Session II Title
January 31, 2015

The Handshake Problem 

Euler's Theorem:

The Polyhedron Formula 

February 7, 2015 Graph Theory 

Achilles and the tortoise:

sequences and infinite series 

February 14, 2015

 Computability and

recursive functions

 Large numbers

February 21, 2015

The mathematics of


The mathematics of

random walks 




The day's activities will be held in room 617 of Wachman Hall on Temple University's main campus. This is building 63 on this campus map.


Information for Participants

There will be two consecutive sessions run each Saturday.  Students will have a short lunch break between sessions and must provide their own lunches. 



Irina Mitrea, Maria Lorenz , Ellen Panofsky, Christian Millichap


Workshop Leaders

Beca Lufi (Mathematics - Temple University)

Christian Millichap (Mathematics - Temple University)

Janet Fierson (Mathematics - La Salle University)

Brian Filips (Alum - Temple University)

Maggie Avener (Mathematics - Temple University)

Samantha Pezzimenti (Mathematics - Bryn Mawr)

Bridget Donegan (Mathematics - Temple University)



Event Contact

Irina Mitrea